You won't believe what we are asking Google these days! Seems like we always use Google as the 'go to' for all sorts of questions.

The real estate company Estately, looked at each of the states most asked question. And you won't believe some of the most asked questions from some of the states.

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For example, South Dakotas' most asked question to Google is "why is my poop green"? In Minnesota, it would be "is funner a word"? Here are an example of the most asked questions from other states;

  • Texas- where is the internet?
  • Montana- how to move to Canada?
  • Iowa- do penguins have knees?
  • New Jersey- who is Hillary Clinton?
  • Pennsylvania - am I gay?
  • Michigan - is Mr. T dead?

The most asked question for North Dakota is "When is the NFL draft"? The other most asked question from North Dakota is "how to get a passport"?

You can see the entire list for every state including Washington DC here.

I wonder if 'Googling' is a word?