Wayne and I rarely make it to South Dakota to visit his parents and have not had the chance to visit my son, Alex and his wife Brittany at all since they were married last year. They just finished remodeling the bathroom in the house I grew up in on the farm east of Braddock, ND. I can’t wait to see it…

We finally made a plan to do all of that this weekend. We packed overnight bags and threw the kids into the backseat of the Corolla for the 2 hour trip, fingers crossed that when we hit our destination they would both be alive, not having killed each other nor having been left by the side of the road somewhere. I believe we got the idea from our parents who would threaten to do just that when the close confines became claustrophobic and the inevitable phrases “she’s touching me” and “her toe is on my side” would assault the senses of the adults just out of reach of a good smack!

We made it there by 3 pm Saturday. We did some visiting and catching up, enjoyed a meal that would have easily fed us for a week at home. Wayne really misses his mother’s cooking. I don’t give him a real shot at comparing mine to hers by simply not cooking.

The one shadow hanging over our trip was the possibility of the weather turning bad. And the more we listened to the forecast, the direr the warnings sounded. When the 6 o’clock report said that freezing rain would begin by 7 am the next morning with snow starting shortly after with amounts that could possibly reach over a foot we made the decision to leave late that night and return home. We notified Brittany and Alex that we wouldn’t be coming after all. We dragged the protesting kids and hauled suitcases and leftovers out to the car and made the long trip home.

And you know how it turned out… It was a dreary, but dry day right up until about the time we would have returned home anyway. We just keep repeating the phrase “better safe than sorry.” We will plan again to go visit Ales and Brit in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, I swear I hear Mother Nature giggling. She must be a red-head.