I'm a pretty optimistic individual---I see the glass as half full and not half empty, and I think I'm a pretty happy person.   How about you?  People think you're happy or do they tell you that you need to be happier.   I think I've figured out some things that us optimists do that should just do the trick!



Learn to be THANKFUL- It all starts with counting your blessings. If you're not thankful for all the good things in your life, you may never be happy and satisfied.

Forgiveness – I know this can be a tough one---depending on what someone might have done when it comes to "wronging" you.   But in reality---forgiveness isn’t so much for the person who wronged you, but it's really for you, when you think about it....there's no reason why you should carry around that heaven burden of hate, resentment, anger and ol' unforgiveness!

Put On A Happy Face---SMILE!!! – Smiling makes you feel better, it makes the people around you feel happier as well.

Look FORWARD---NOT backwards – Don’t let your past determine what your future may be . People come from all kinds of different and crazy backgrounds, but we can all be destined for great stuff AND a bright future.

These 4 things should point all of us in the RIGHT DIRECTION!