Ladies-----Want to find out more about your new crush's personality? Check out his sheets! Seriously! How a dude dresses his bed says a lot about the inner workings of his mind! What do your guys sheets say about him?


Basic Bedding: Simple, solid cotton sheets in white, black or tan says your guy is a straight shooter. You may not be re-creating scenes from 50 Shades of Grey with this guy, but your relationship won't be complicated and stressful – no drama!

Vivid Colors: Does he have electric blue bedding? This guy is exciting and needs to be stimulated all the time. Dating him will be a lot of fun, but it could get exhausting!

Expensive Bedding: If he knows what thread count and Egyptian cotton is, this guy likes to pamper himself. If you can drag him away from primping he will lavish you with attention, but his needs and comfort will most likely come first ...

Kid Sheets: Super hero, Star Wars, or sport team sheets means you are dating a man-child. He's probably fun and care-free, but long- term commitment and stability are not in the cards anytime soon ... (Cosmo)