Hot, single and ready to mingle! Available and ready? What about easy going or outdoors! In the world of online dating, you'll find some of the same words and phrases on how some people describe themselves.

How things have changed! Remember when it used to be awkward or embarrassing to date someone from on line dating site? It seems now, it's mainstream, so go hunting on line.


Mashable asked the dating site to look at thousands of profiles from their site in the US and wanted to examine the habits and interests of the hopefuls in each state.

Daniel Berehulak / Getty Images

The idea was to figure out which words or phrases are used with frequency in each state in comparison to phrase in other states.

For example, in my home state of Louisiana, it's hunting. Minnesota, the word is cabin. South Dakota, the most used word on the dating sites are farm.

Next door in Montana, the word is hunting.

Here in North Dakota, oil is the word!

Check out the entire interactive map here and share your thoughts on this process!

Happy hunting!