I think there's nothing more embarrassing to a parent then when a little child throws a fit and then lets loose with a curse word.  I saw this happen and I felt so bad for the parents, but then I also thought perhaps the little boy needed a good spanking, or a mouth washed out with soap.  Then again it may be the parent's fault.


Does your kid have a potty mouth? A new book suggests that it might be because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

In Holy [Bleep]: A Brief History of Swearing, author Mellissa Mohr argues that most English-speaking kids use swear words before they know their ABCs, with children cursing as early as three or four.

She also claims that English-speakers curse about once every 140 words, making foul language as popular as first person plural pronouns like “our,” “us” and “we.” (Newser.com)