Most of us have our careers, and I'm sure there's gotta be something you did BEFORE you got settled into your career.  For me?   I worked at a bowling alley and at a McDonalds for a short time before I started working on the radio at the young age of 16.  While famous actors are living great lives these days, filled with fame and fortune, they all had to scratch and claw their way to the top.Some of this struggle involved working day jobs that were less than fun sometimes.

Here’s a rundown of some of the worst day jobs held by famous actors on their way to the top:


Kristen Bell – Frozen yogurt server

Warren Beatty – Rat catcher

Johnny Depp – KISS tribute band member

Matthew McConaughey – Chicken coop cleaner

Hugh Jackman – Party clown

Whoopi Goldberg – Morgue makeup artist

Megan Fox – Banana mascot

Amy Adams – Hooters girl

Sylvester Stallone – Lion cage cleaner

      Jennifer Hudson - Burger flipper (