A lot of us like to sit around and fantasize about a career in entertainment. But what about the people who DO perform for a living? What would they have done if they hadn't gotten their big break?

Here are some celebs' second career choices ...

•Britney Spears -- Would have been a teacher because she loves kids.

•Ryan Reynolds -- Would have followed in his father's footsteps and become a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer

•Kate Bosworth -- Would have been a therapist.

•Taylor Swift -- Would be interested in working on ad campaigns

•Jennifer Aniston -- Thinks it would be fun to be a party planner

•Daniel Radcliffe -- Would want to be an assistant director

•Justin Bieber -- Is quoted as saying if he wasn't a pop star he'd "probably work at McDonald's or something."

I wonder just how good Justin Bieber would be at making Big Mac's or cooking up some French Fries for us....hmmmm