Ask anybody in Bismarck, this city has some of the worst drivers. It could be that we have so many transient drivers just passing through, but I think we can all agree, Bismarck has  really poor drivers on the streets!

But where does the state rank in terms of worst drivers? According to Car Insurance Comparison's original study, my home state of Louisiana has the honor of being the state with the worst drivers. Louisiana comes in at #1.

Carscoops also covered the information. According to their website:

Car Insurance Comparison’s data in regards to the matter, as it compiles fatality rates per 100 million miles traveled, failure to obey traffic signals and/or seat belt regulations, drunk driving, ticketing frequency and just poor or careless driving. Louisiana was found the have the poorest average quality of drivers this year, this makes it two in a row for them.

Peter Macdiarmid /Getty Images

Behind Louisiana are South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, Florida, Missouri...drum roll please....Coming in at #10 for the state with the worst drivers is..THE PEACE GARDEN STATE- at number 10 is NORTH DAKOTA!

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This is one of those lists that you really do want to be at the bottom, meaning the safest drivers in the nation. The best states, and at the bottom of the list are Utah, Vermont and New Hampshire! Those are the states with the safest drivers and cheapest car insurance rates.

Now buckle up and realize that it is because of this ranking that your (our) insurance rates are so high in North Dakota.

Do you agree with this ranking?

[SOURCE: Car Insurance Comparison]