Got a new scary stat for you----listen to this---62 out of every 100 people have gained weight after starting a serious relationship.  For women looks like how much is being eaten.  over 50% of women admitted they eat as much as their boyfriend eats and 56% ended up eating much more than they regularly would.  Here's the lowdown for you:


Long-term relationship activities, or rather inactivities, can also be a cause of what is called "The Boyfriend Bulge."  Many couples say the time they spend together is being snuggled up in front of the TV.  And another 21% say the time they spend together is at home----eating.  So---IF you aren't careful, your boyfriend could be making you pack on the pounds.  Might be a good idea to work out--and maybe hit the gym before cuddling up on the couch for a big night of watching TV!   (DailyMail)