Guys--what kind of vehicle to you drive?  Certain vehicles really appeal to women.   I don't drive what women like the most, but what I drive comes in at #2 and #3, so I don't feel too bad!



According to a new survey, women prefer guys who drive pickup trucks more than any other car.  Here's the top women’s choices for the types of vehicles they believe are driven by the most attractive men:

#1)pickup trucks – 32%

#2)sports cars – 27%

#3)SUVs - 16%

#4)sedans – 11%

#5)hybrid or electric cars - 9%

I have a 2008 Mercedes Convertible--that would qualify as a "Sports Car," and I have a 1999 Toyota RAV4, which qualifies as an SUV!  

In the survey, men – not surprisingly – said they prefer women in sporty car, and the particular vehicle that came out on top?   A Red BMW!!   (Fox Business)