If you know anything about me---I LOVE cars and for most guys I believe cars are a reflection on who and what we are and are a vital part of our lives and many guys believe that the one thing separating them from the hottest women on the planet is an expensive car.

While that may not be entirely true, women do take notice of the car that a man drives.


j.j. hemingway

But just because it's expensive, doesn't necessarily mean they like it. There are 10 things they look for in your car ...

10. They want to see that you're comfortable driving it

9. Your style. How you look in it

8. The curves of the car

7. The color. Something not too flashy

6. That it's masculine

5. Versatility and practicality

4. Storage. After all, she may have some shopping bags

3. Is it a hybrid?

2. Your music and the sound system

1. Safety

Source: Ask Men