I remember watching Saturday Night Live when it first hit the small screen--that to me is the time I loved the show the most.  And one of my favorite original "Not Ready For Prime Time" Players was and is Bill Murray.  And he just might be one of most interesting man in the world.  He has just showed up at random events – with regular people like you and me and it seems he can go just about anyplace, do just about anything and he's loved for it!!!   Most recently it was for some engagement pictures a couple was taking.  Bill Murray shows up, was in some of the pics and left as quick as he showed up.   Pretty COOL in my book.  And on top of this, he’s a film star who’s entertained millions of people around the world for decades.


Here’s a rundown of what your favorite Bill Murray movie says about you:

Caddyshack – You might not be the brightest, but you are very determined.
    Loved Chevy Chase, Ted Knight, and Rodney Dangerfield in this film and Kenny Loggins theme song for the movie "I'm Alright!"

Groundhog Day – People trust you for your lack of ego.
   This is my favorite Bill Murray movie.  LOVE IT!!!

Lost in Translation – You feel a bit alienated by others.

What About Bob? – You have great empathy for the mentally ill.
    Richard Dreyfus was great in this film.

Stripes – Most things you do begin with desperation, but end with heartwarming friendship.  The late Harold Ramis was his co-star and this is an amazing comedy!   (Huffington Post)