I remember not too many years ago---the hottest color for a car was RED.   Then red took a backseat to the color SILVER.  And for over a dozen years silver was the #1 color for cars.   Looks like the Silver Decade is now over.  Guess what color is the top selling color when it comes to new cars?


Now, if you want to have the hottest car--at least color-wise on the road, looks like the #1 choice these days is a white car.   According to a paint supplier to the auto industry, sales of cars that are white are now up to 25%    At #2 with 18% of the sales--it's a two way tie between black and silver.     I will be honest---to me black is the best looking color for a car.  Hard to keep clean, but when you have it all washed and waxed, there's hardly anything that looks better--than a shiny black car!   It's funny I've NEVER owned a white colored car.   NEVER!  (Yahoo)