What do you consider old age?   40?  50?  60?  70?  80?  90?    I remember being a teenager and thinking 30 or 40 was old....well now that I've hit 50.   I'd love to 30 or 40 again and of course know then what I know now.  So what does the new survey say as far as when old age starts?  The answer may surprise you!!  It did me!!


According to a new survey, old age doesn’t start until 80.

This is a couple decades older than what people might have thought a generation ago– and the change in attitude is probably due to delaying retirement and working longer, a much more active life and knowing many older people that are pretty high energy and busy lives.   The amazing thing about this survey is around one out of 5 (that's 20% of us) believe that some people can be 90 years of age before being thought of, or considered old.    So, it'll be awhile before I'm gonna be considered a codger!!!   But I have been practicing "You kids get off my lawn."  Just in case!!!   (Huffington Post)