Gotta be honest with you--not a fan of tats!   I don't have any and I don't find them particularly attractive on a woman.  IF it's a little something on an ankle or shoulder--that's ok.  But I've seen the lower back tattoos on women--referred to as "tramp stamps," and see a woman with a stomach tattoo or a big one on her chest and that to me just isn't attractive--but again that IS me.   Sometimes when it comes to tattoos people DO NOT think before getting. Saw a guy one time with his face tattooed and I'm thinking---"good luck on getting a job---probably not as a bank teller."   And me personally---I'm just not into pain and tats are the way the prizes used to be on "Wheel Of Fortune,"---"once you buy a prize, it's yours to keep."


But, the popularity of tattoos has created some problems and here’s a rundown of some places on the body that guys should not get tattoos:

Lower Back – There’s just something a little off about guys with tramp stamps--seems very odd.

Face – Good luck getting a job.
 (like I said above)

Ankle – Guys---if you’re going to get a tattoo, don’t get some tiny little thing that nobody will ever see.

Inside Lip – This place for a tattoo is really bad news and a waste of time and money.  The ink will bleed, run, and fade, and pretty much turn into an unreadable blotch in about a year.