There are so many places to enjoy a picnic in North Dakota. But, where is the BEST place to share a moment in the great outdoors in North Dakota.

For the best place to have a picnic in North Dakota, we turn to Mental Floss. And for us in the upper Midwest, the cold harsh reality of winter is knocking on our door. And this means, in most cases, a beautiful time of the changing of the leaves and cool to mild temperatures. It also means the clock is ticking for decent weather to enjoy a picnic without having to set a blanket on the cold wet snow.

If you want to enjoy the outdoors for a picnic with someone special, Mental Floss listed the best place in each state for a picnic.

Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

The first place I think of are the river banks of the Missouri River at Fort Lincoln State Park. I also think of General Sibley Campground, South Washington Street, just out the city limits. These are some of the most tranquil areas I think of.

According to Mental Floss, the best place for a picnic in NoDak would be Cavalier, North Dakota. This is about 5 miles south of the Canadian Border. The place is Icelandic State Park.