Zip Codes, it's the stuff movies and TV series are made of. Remember Beverly Hillls 90210? The teenagers of the 90's decade will remember this series. The show aired for 10 years. It set fashion and hair trends. By the way, spoiler alert, the richest zip code in California is 94027.

Zip Codes are also the one item real estate agents love. It's the perfect location to get more money or the biggest sales commission. These high dollar zip codes offer the highest values in homes with everything, including the add ons that most people consider luxury like spectacular views, pools and water front properties.

For this information, we turn to Go Bank They published the high dollar zip codes yesterday. (2/29)

North Dakotas' high dollar zip code is located  in Bismarck. 58503 or North Bismarck. This zip code ranks # 42 in the 50 states. The median house value is this zip code is $328,700. The average annual income for homeowners in this zip code is $54,969.

Fiona Goodall / Getty

You can read more on the methodology used and examine the richest zip code for every state here.