I've lived here in Bismarck since July of 2012 and I've discovered that when you're on the roads of Burleigh and Morton Counties---you really need to be a defensive driver.    My pet peeves with many drivers here are:  NOT using their turn signal, texting and being on their cell phone while driving.    I had a car totaled a year ago by a young man NOT paying attention to his driving.    Where are the worst drivers?    North Dakota made the top-10, but we aren't the worst drivers.   Montana has worse drivers than we do have here in North Dakota.  Here's the results of the survey.


A study using data including number of drunk driving citations and tickets issued found that these are the States with the Worst Drivers:


South Carolina






North Carolina


North Dakota

Meanwhile, the best drivers live in the New England state of Vermont. That's pretty impressive considering the snowy winter weather those folks have to deal with!