Though it's probably a few years too late, Floyd 'Money' Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will finally duke it out in Las Vegas this Saturday night, May 2nd.

Assuming you're not going to Las Vegas to see the fight in person, there are still a few spots in Bismarck-Mandan that will have the fight on for your viewing pleasure.

If you know of a bar or restaurant in Bismarck-Mandan showing the fight, please let us know HERE.

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    Buffalo Wild Wings

    Buffalo Wild Wings, located at 218 S. 3rd St., will have the fight on and there will be a cover charge of $20 per person to watch the fight.

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    Broadway Grill & Tavern

    The Broadway Grill & Tavern, located at 100 W. Broadway Ave., will have the fight on in their bar area. It is first-come, first-served and there is no cover charge. They would, of course, like you to eat and drink, though.