Hey--like me I'm sure we have a single friend or two that has NO luck in meeting someone nice to date and get to know.   Ladies----Are you one of those people who goes to clubs and bars every night of the week and can’t seem to figure out why you’re not meeting a good guy? Come close so you can really hear us when we say: "THIS IS NOT WHERE YOU GO TO FIND A POTENTIAL SOULMATE!!!"

Here are some places where you’ll majorly increase your chances of finding a guy worth your time. Get a pen ...

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Online – You may scoff at online dating, but with sophisticated algorithms that match you with people who are right in your wheelhouse, why not try?

Work – Some offices frown on this, but a lot of work relationships blossom into something bigger – especially when you spend that much time with someone during the day.

Volunteering – If you want to meet a man who puts other’s needs ahead of his own, try volunteering!

Friends/Colleagues – These are the people who know you best – they have a good idea who to set you up with. You are only one introduction away from the man of your dreams. (Your Tango)

And I think church can be a place to meet a really nice guy or for the guys---a great place to meet your potential soul-mate!    Just a few words of wisdom from your "Early Morning Radio Pal!"