Funny how an accent can attract you to someone.  I guess to me a French accent is appealing---think about the cartoon character Pepe LePew--the Warner Brothers Skunk, even his accent is kind of cool.  But when it comes to American Accents, which one is the SEXIEST?   Well---Ya'all---here ya go!!



Good news for those South of the Mason-Dixon line. According to a survey the Southern accent is the sexiest.

Here are the most popular accents in North America, according to this survey and see whatcha think:

1. Southern – 36.5% 
"Ya'all come back now ya hear???"

2. New York –16.5% 
"You Talkin' To Me???"

3. Western – 13 % 
 "Get along little dogie"

4. New England – 10.5% 
"Wahk The Dog and Pawk The Cahr"

5. New Jersey –7% "New Joisey"

To me I do find a Southern accent on a woman VERY appealing, but when it comes to a Southern accent on a guy---I seem to picture the TV character "Gomer Pyle."  But that's just me!