The NFL's biggest game is getting closer each day.   There are just 4 teams are left standing ----I'd say the 4 best in the NFL!   So---who do you think will move on to the Super Bowl in New York on February 2nd?

It's well documented that your 'Early Morning Radio Pal', JJ Hemingway, is a HUGE Seattle Seahawks fan, and he's been saying all season that this is the year for Seattle to win it all. His prediction is for Seattle to move on by beating the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 23-20.   The majority of ESPN's analysts are going with a Seattle win---granted a very close win.   And the "12th Man"--Seattle home crowd is a definite advantage.   We'll find out Sunday around 530 on FOX.

In the AFC Championship game, the New England Patriots will travel to Denver to take on Peyton Manning's Broncos. JJ's predicting that the Broncos will prevail by a score of 27-21.    That game is the first one that will be played on Sunday on CBS with the kick-off at 2PM.

What say you?   Which teams will be moving on to the BIG GAME???    Cast your vote by Sunday at 12noon!!!