If you know anything about me--I AM a BIG sports fan.  Major league sports are a blast to watch.  I've been to lots of MLB, NBA, and NFL games.   I do plan on heading over to Minneapolis to catch the Twins this summer, and it would be fun to see the Vikings, the Wild and the Timberwolves.   Of course you have to figure in what it's going to cost to make the trip--in addition to the 960 miles there and back and food and a night's stay.  You gotta have tickets....well---looks like Baseball is the most affordable!!   So--Twins here I come!!


According to a new survey, Major League Baseball is the best bargain among the biggest pro sports.

Baseball ticket prices average $27.48 a game.

Compare that to NBA tickets, which average $50.99, NHL games at $61.01, and NFL games that set you back $78.38.

Baseball, of course, can offer these “bargain” prices because their season lasts 162 games, which means there’s a lot more opportunities to open your wallet and head out to the ballpark. (Yahoo Finance)