As Valentine's Day is almost here(THURSDAY), what better way to celebrate the season of love than by talking about the most exciting part of a relationship – the crush. 

Sure, it's filled with uncertainty and sometimes angst, but there is nothing better than the adrenaline rush having a crush can give you. Here's why having a crush is awesome:

Your heart flip-flops every time your phone signals an incoming message: Could it be him? What is he saying? What should i write back? It's a wonderful rush!

Liking someone motivates you to take care of yourself: Nothing is better incentive to get to the gym, eat right, and make yourself pretty than attracting the eye of someone you like.

It puts pep in your step: The excitement of possibly seeing or talking to your crush creates an aura of happiness around you.

It makes for good girl talk: Girls love to bond over talking about guys they like – no matter what age! (CollegeCandy)