You may think my statement is crazy---that I think football IS better on the sofa then in the stadium!   December football is so good......both college bowl games and of course with this being the final weekend of the regular NFL season--there are playoff positions up for grabs.   But---here's my question:


Do you really want to sit in ice cold weather to watch the game, when you can watch the game in high definition from the comfort of your own home?    Sports teams know that fans seem to less likely then ever to come to the games--which explains the giant jumbotron screens and stadium wide wi-fi,  and amazingly great food at their concession stands.  But I'm thinking---cold weather, being surrounded by people that have had too much to drink, and not getting a really close up view of the action and no replays.    I vote to stay home and watch the game on my big screen---what say you??   I also say--GO SEAHAWKS!    Super Bowl Baby!!!