Gotta new word here at the "Breakfast Table"----Get ready for "Mate Poaching!"

If you think that some single women seem to be drawn to married men, you’re right. In fact, the practice is so common, it’s even got a name: “Mate poaching.”

But why on earth would a woman go after a married man? Here’s the science behind it. This comes from relationship expert Dr. David Buss, who wrote the book, The Evolution of Desire.

Emotional stability. Women are often interested in married men because they tend to be more emotionally stable than single men.


They’re pre-screened. In other words, another woman – the wife - has already given him the “okay,” and signed off on his habits and personality, and found him acceptable.


Still, going after a married man is not a smart move. First, the relationship is unlikely to last. The average affair lasts 2 to 4 years and affairs die for the same reason as marriages: a lack of intimacy. Also, most men who get divorced because of an affair regret their decision. That's partly because most people who marry the person they were cheating with, also end up divorced. If it's a relationship born from deceit, it’s pretty much doomed from the start.