You can win a free Kindle Fire HD from the Bismarck Public Library as part of their celebration of National Library Week!

Libraries have been a staple in the US for a long time. In fact it was in 1800 that the Library of Congress was founded according to the US Census Bureau. The first American English dictionary was published this week in 1828.

Christine Kujawa, the Bismarck Public Library Director, tells Cool 98.7 FM that National Library week is celebrated every year to highlight all of the things that libraries do and all they have to offer to the community.

Kujawa says this year's theme of National Library Week is 'Libraries Transform.' All this week at the Bismarck Public Library located at 515 North 5th Street in Bismarck, there are sheets that say, 'The Library Transforms Me Because…' Anyone who fills in the blank on the sheet is entered into a drawing for the free Kindle Fire HD.

Kujawa says she loves the responses the library is getting including one commenter on their Facebook page who writes:

Because.... the library is like Spotify of the literary world.

The last day to enter is this Saturday, April 16, which is the final day of National Library Week.

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