Looks like this week Ol' Man Winter is going to be paying us a visit--a perhaps a bit of an extended stay--after today (Monday the 2nd), the highest temperature predicted is a tropical high of 11--for at least the next couple of weeks.  YIKES!   So--between the very harsh Dakota weather and us doing some holiday overeating.  I thought it might be a good idea to share some winter morning beauty tips--and these are good for BOTH Women and Men!


•We will have some sunny but bitterly cold weather this week--so DO NOT FORGET the Sunscreen – Doesn't matter how cold it is outside. If the sun is out, you're going to risk getting sunburned.  So---a word to the wise!

•In the morning drink a glass of water – Why?  Because you've been asleep pretty much all night so your skin has become a little bit dehydrated. Help your skin out.

•This one is especially for the ladies----Mist your face – Make sure you're hydrated on the outside too.  This will reduce puffiness and even do a good job at waking you up. (Yahoo)