With the WINTER STORM WARNING posted for the area, travel will be impacted through out the area. Blowing snow with gusts up to 30 mph and a predicted foot of snow in some areas could become a reality, it's once again time to make sure that each vehicle in your family has the necessities in case of an emergency, otherwise known as a winter survival kit. We have compiled a list of items that you should have on hand for your emergency survival kit. Keep in mind, if you're stranded, you do not know how long it will be until help can find you or come to your rescue.

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Start off with the obvious blankets, gloves, kitty litter (to use as traction if you get stuck), food items suck as granola bars and candy bars. Emergency flares and an extra power source for your cell phone. There is a new product on the market to pour in your gasoline tank if you should run out of gas. It will provide enough fuel to warm your car, or travel a few miles to a gas station(Magic Tank) and is safe to carry in your trunk. If you should use your heater to warm the inside, make sure that the exhaust pipe is clear of snow so the fumes will not recirculate inside the vehicle, and make sure you have a small crack in the windows. Hand warmers and additional socks and under garments if you should get wet in the snow will be handy. Other supplies that can be useful is peanut butter, glow sticks, a multi propose knife or tool, shovel, battery operated radio and fresh batteries. A small travel first aid kit is also a good idea. If you're on medicine, it maybe a good idea to keep a couple of days of medicine, just in case you need it.( Keep in mind the cold temperatures will kill batteries, so make sure they remain fresh every month) Keep all these items in a box or bag that is easily accessible to everyone, plus make sure the entire family is aware of the kit and it's location inside the car or truck.

Be sure to check on your road side assistance program now and make sure that it is up to date and in effect through out the winter months.

You may never use these supplies, but if you should need them, you'll be happy that you have them on hand.