Hey--I went shopping the other day---the store will remain unnamed---but I did notice that products for men and products for women are priced differently for pretty much the same stuff.  And the items for women were almost always more expensive.   I did a little research and found that is a pretty common occurrence when it comes to products and services.   I found stuff that women pay more for than men for pretty much the exact same thing.   Personally---I DO NOT think this is fair----at all!


So for the benefit of the female members of my listening family here's what I found out---so Ladies---BEWARE!  Here's the stuff you ARE paying more for:

Dry cleaning, soap and Haircare products like shampoo and conditioner, deodorant (perhaps it's the little pink box it comes in that makes it pricier??), new cars, the cost of healthcare, rates on loans and credit cards, and even car repair.  (MSN)