I love a good cup of hot tea to start my day, and maybe a mocha is a close second, followed by a good strong cup of black coffee.  Some people HAVE to have their morning coffee--my mom was like that---or she would get a headache---guess she was addicted to caffeine.

Ryan McVay

According to a new survey, women would rather give up making love for a week than their smartphones or coffee. The poll asked ladies what they would be least willing to give up for a week and caffeine and smartphones were tied at 34%, while only 5% of women said they wouldn't want to give up making love.

Guys were and guys aren't off the hook either. According to the survey, 20 percent of men said they would not be willing to give up making love for a week – but 23 percent said they wouldn't be willing to give up coffee and 26 percent said they wouldn't give up booze for a week. (Cosmo)