Alright Thomas Alva Edison and Alexander Graham Bell----step aside.....Women have done more throughout history than just have babies and look pretty. In fact, women have been responsible for inventing some of the coolest stuff we have. Here are some of our favorite inventions from some wonderful women:

Margaret Knight is the reason our paper grocery bags have flat bottoms, so that we can actually stand them up!

Bette Nesmith Graham created White Out in 1958, which allowed typists to cover up mistakes instead of retyping a whole page. (She’s also the mother of one of the Monkeys!---Michael Nesmith who always used to wear the stocking cap--remember him????

Ruth Wakefield invented the chocolate chip cookie when she ran out of bakers chocolate and instead crushed up a Nestle chocolate bar and threw it in the cookie batter.

And just in case you thought it was all cookies and grocery bags, Alice H. Parker invented the first gas heating furnace in 1919! (College Candy)