One of my first jobs--before working on the radio was working at McDonald's in Bellevue, a city just outside of Seattle in Washington State.   When I was a little guy I remember the introduction of the Big Mac.  But---I have to be honest, I can't remember the last time I've eaten a Big Mac, it's definitely been a few years....found this story and it's crazy---maybe you've had a Big Mac recently, and if that's the case, be thankful you don't live in the South American country of Venezuela.


In the capitol city of Caracas, a Big Mac will cost you a whopping $9!  Like me you may ask why does a Big Mac cost so much?  Venezuelans can thank their late President Hugo Chavez and his economic policies.     So if you’re looking for relatively inexpensive stuff  to buy in the Venezuela stick with gasoline and skip lunch.  You ask how cheap is the gasoline there---how about an amazing 18 cents a gallon.   (CS Monitor)