I had such a great response to my last Worst Dates blog post, so it’s back by popular demand!  Here are some more worst dates….be glad you weren’t on any of them!


*”A guy showed up to a lunch date in a full pirate costume: wig, eyeliner, boots, everything!” – Angela, 19

*”I told him I like spontaneous guys, and when I came out of the bathroom, he was dancing naked to Hanson’s ‘MMMBOP.’  That’s NOT what I meant!” – Harriet, 24

*”I went out with a guy who worked on a farm and thought a good first-date activity was castrating and branding a bull.  Holy. Crap!” – Tess, 23

*”We decided to take things to the next level, and I pulled back his comforter to find Smurf sheets he’s had since childhood. “ – Taylor, 21

*”I went home with a guy after a date, and when things were getting hot and heavy, he pulled out a ruler and measured it right in front of me!” – Becca, 25

*”I met a blind date at a restaurant, and our waitress was his ex.  To make things more awkward, he invited her to sit with us after her shift was over!” – Abigail, 21


Source: Cosmopolitan, June 2014