Never thought about this until I stumbled across a new survey about dating and it let the proverbial cat out of the bag---the worst day to schedule a date-----MONDAY!!


This was especially geared toward women---NEVER plan a date on a MONDAY---and this is really important if you're really into this particular guy.   It looks like dates that get scheduled toward the beginning of the week are the ones that have the greatest chance of being cancelled and that means getting stood up.   It seems dates planned for the beginning of the week are most likely to be cancelled at the very last minute--due to work, being tired, going to the gym, and even getting a better offer date-wise.   Those are the reasons most often given for standing someone up.  So--what to do?  Do not despair!!   Next time you plan a date---plan it for SATURDAY!   Why?  It's not only the most popular night for a date.  It's also the night that you're least likely to experience cancellation!  NOW you know---MONDAY--NO---SATURDAY--YES!!  (DailyMail)