I am blessed I have a job that I love---granted--get up 5 days a week at 345 isn't ideal, but I love being on the radio and there's still a "magic" about talking into a microphone and sharing with the members of our listening family each and every weekday morning.  Do you have a job you love?  I really do feel sorry for people who hate their job.  I have a best friend down in Florida--who hates his job with a passion---yet he has to keep a roof over his head and food on the table....so he continues to go to a job each day that he can't stand.

How about the Worst Job in 2013???

Getty Images Justin Sullivan

According to a new survey, newspaper reporter is the worst job right now – below such things as lumberjack, janitor, garbage collector, and bus driver.

Some reasons it ranks so low is that it pays poorly, it’s high-stress, with long hours, and no job security.

Other than that it’s awesome!