If you know anything about me---I AM a sports fan.    Love pro football(Seahawks), major league baseball(Mariners), the NBA and the NHL, and I really enjoy college football.   And being a sports fan can be lots of fun--hanging with your buddies and friends, but alas--it's NOT perfect.  There ARE bumps in the road.   And I have compiled the "JJ Hemingway List Of The Worst Things About Being A Sports Fan."  See whatcha think!


•)Those ever-lovin' "Bandwagon" Fans

•)Fights in the stands at the games if you go there in person.

•)Paying way too much and getting ripped off by those scalpers and those old' ticket brokers. 

•Getting down and sometimes depressed after your team loses.

•Losing money when you bet on sports...OUCH!!!