If you are ending a relationship, especially right on Valentine's Day, think hard about the other person's feelings and do it the right way – face to face. Here are some of the worst ways to get dumped:   And I've had this done to me...thru an e-mail and through a text.....and come to think about it I've even had the ol' disappearing act pulled on me....all I can say---like the song "Breaking Up Is Very Hard To Do....."


Having a friend do it for you: It's true − people actually recruit others to do their dirty work. That's not very brave ...

Through a text message or email: This happens so often nowadays and it is just rude!

Announcing it on Facebook: Even if the break is not civil − keep your anger in check. This is not the way to do it.

Disappearing: You don't take his calls and avoid all contact so you don't have to have an uncomfortable conversation. The other person deserves some kind of closure, so face your fears and actually talk to them. (YourTango