For those of us who have been experiencing "Twinkie Withdrawl" since late last year, it looks like the Twinkie be back on store shelves starting Monday July 15th, but there are a few changes.   Our favorite cream-filled sponge cake will have an even long shelf life than those original Hostess Twinkies.


The re-introduced Twinkie will--as they say---stay fresh for 45 days from the day it hits the shelf.  Which is around 21 days longer than the original Twinkie.    So apparently that story that used to circulate about a Twinkie NEVER going bad was just hearsay--NOT the truth.   Also some reports say the new Twinkie maker may be freezing the new Twinkies to make them last even longer.   Will that change the flavor of the Twinkie?   From personal experience when I used to freeze Twinkies--I believe the answer to that question is a resounding NO!!   It will be good to see the Twinkies available once again---it's a simple American tradition!!