If you’re one of those many folks out there who thinks that camping is NOT for you.  As your Bismarck Early Morning Radio Pal---I'm gonna prove you WRONG!   Granted--there may be an odd creature or two you may run into and you won't be able to bring your comfortable mattress with you.  But there ARE some good reasons to try to spend some time camping out there with Mother Nature!


You can unwire – While it might seem really odd to start off with, being out there in a truly beautiful setting without your lap-top, your iPad, or a little wifi and NOT doing any texting WILL actually do more alot good for that brain of yours than you can really imagine.  Seriously!!  your brain than you can possibly imagine.

The beautiful celestial bodies in the sky – You may THINK you see all those stars where you live in the city, but until you’ve seen them in an rural area away from the city in the middle of the night, like BTO sang---"Baby You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet!"   I personally love seeing those "shooting stars"--you know meteorites.

The Campfire – Enjoying and warming yourself against a campfire while making Smores is TOTALLY AWESOME.

Extra Sleep – Because you won’t have a lot of light after the campfire goes out, it’s a-ok, to go ahead and fall asleep early and get some extra zzzzzzzzzzzzz's.

Bonding – When you go camping with other family members and friends out in the wilderness or campground away from the everyday hustle and bustle---you form great bonds and make memories that will last a lifetime!!!

Now---Are you ready to go camping?  I thought so!!   (The Frisky)