Been driving since I was 15 1/2 when I got my learners' permit in the state of Washington when I lived in the Seattle area.   And I learned to drive BOTH an automatic transmission car as well as a stick shift---clutch and all.   I have seen the latest stats and manual transmissions may be going by the wayside.     I currently own both a car with an automatic transmission, and a little SUV with a 5-speed.   So I can drive either one and I love BOTH my vehicles.   But I've got a wacky story why it's ALWAYS good to know how to drive a stick shift----check out this story!!



Thieves Unsuccessfully Try to Steal A Car…But None of them Could Drive A Stick Shift!

Upon stumbling upon some weird news from my hometown of Seattle, I had to laugh at these “dumb criminals” and it’s another reminder that crime doesn’t pay! 

Three teenagers attempted to steal a 70-year old Nancy Fredrickson’s car at gunpoint.  Frightened, she dropped the keys and the teenagers jumped into the car.  But, they couldn’t drive away because….none of them knew how to drive a stick shift.   Nancy stood behind her car as the teens tried to get the car to move but couldn’t figure it out. 

They then jumped out of the car and ran across the street, into a business parking lot, while Nancy called 911. Authorities obtained the surveillance video from the businesses, showing the teens sprinting across the parking lot.

She was very frightened during the attempted carjacking, but laughs about it now, and is happy that both she and the car survived unharmed.  “I got a five-speed in there,” she laughs, “They couldn’t figure out how to get it going!”