North Dakota is not the first, or even the second or third, place you think of when you hear this. However, this delicacy is produced in North Dakota and is in high demand internationally.

With paddlefish season underway, many North Dakota fisherman are on the hunt for its fresh white meat. Once caught, the fish is often taken to nonprofit company, North Star Caviar, where it is cleaned and prepared free of cost. In exchange, North Star harvests the eggs of the paddlefish to sell as caviar.

Although little is sold locally, caviar is a popular delicacy in many places. While cities like Los Angeles and New York receive some, the majority of it is exported to countries like Japan and Russia. The yearly supply collected usually sells out completely.

Why is the caviar produced in North Dakota so popular? The cold waters of the Missouri river help keep it fresh resulting in no aftertaste. North Star adds little salt and keeps the caviar all natural with no preservatives.

North Star Caviar does great things for North Dakota as it is a nonprofit company. Part of the proceeds are given to the Game and Fish Department to further research and to help preserve wildlife, including the paddlefish. The rest is then donated to other local nonprofits to help maintain historical sites.

Learn more about North Star Caviar and get your hands on the delicacy before it's gone by visiting their website.

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