We're living longer compared to life in the 60's. Many things factor into the longevity of life including exercise, lifestyle and diet. According to Wall St 24/7, the state you reside has a direct result on how long you walk and breath on this earth.

The researchers at 24/7 Wall St examined several factors to determined which states have the longest and shortest life expectancies. Luckily for North Dakotans', we're doing pretty well, but our longevity is not in the top 10 states. More on the methodology here.

The states with the longest life are

  1. Hawaii 81.3 years
  2. Minnesota 81.1
  3. Connecticut 80.8 and California  (tie)
  4. Vermont 80.5

The states with the shortest life are Mississippi, 75 years, Alabama, 75.4, West Virginia, 75.4, Louisiana, 75.7 and Oklahoma, 75.5 years.

Joern Pollex/Getty Images

North Dakota came in at #20 at 75.9 years old.

You can see the entire list here.