Ah yes--the never ending battle between parents and children in trying to get the kids to clean up their room.  When I was a kid I was told to clean my room, and I'd simply shove everything under the bed---and yes---the hot water I would get into and the spanking I would get.  Eventually I learned to keep a clean room and clean house!!  Not perfect--but not bad for a guy who lives all by himself!!  Here's something you may want to try IF pleading and threats simply don't work.   This is what a dad down in Savannah, Georgia did and it worked!!


Craig Schlichenmeyer, a soldier at Fort Stewart, near Savannah down in Georgia, had enough of his 17-year-old Haley's messy room, so Craig and his wife moved all of Haley's belongings onto the driveway, including---yes even her bed and dresser, with a big sign that read: "Haley, Room moved to driveway. Clean it next time."

Craig and his wife did eventually moved Haley's stuff back inside, but possibly the most surprising thing about this whole story is that 17 year old Haley wasn't even that mad. She said she understood why her parents went to such extremes, and she promises in the future that she will be better about keeping her room clean.  (GMA)