Always nice to report some good news, and I have a some to report.  Many of you know that I am a league bowler---a couple of nights a week at Midway Lanes in Mandan.  Right now I'm averaging around 200---not my best--(which was 212 a couple  seasons ago), but still something to be proud of.    And Wednesday night the shot on the lanes was good---as I started off with a 248 game.   Then came the game that I was really thankful to bowl...I threw 12 consecutive strikes in one game for a perfect game--a 300.  I have had 300 games in the past, but this was my first here in North Dakota!  Each of the 12 balls went right into the 1-3 pocket.  On the 12th ball for the 300 game, the 7-pin took an extra second to fall, but it did and I got another 300 game in the books!


My 3rd game was a little frustrating as I went to the 1-3 pocket, and left a 7-10 split and a 4-9 split and a lot of single pins for a 173 last game.   For a 3-game total of 721.  Which is a 240 average.  I even heard I made the 10pm news on Channel 5 that night!   As you can see in the pic---that's my Storm IQ bowling ball that got me my 300!!