We all love being on Facebook--getting reconnected with long-lost friends and making our daily posts. But--Facebook can be a scary place, especially if you are in a new relationship. Here are five girls you don't have worry about your guy being Facebook friends with ...

•His ex(es) -- As long as she's not crazy, think of it as a good way for her to see how happy he is with his new girl (aka -- you).

•The girl he dated before you -- Sure it may bug you a little, but it's good to "keep your enemies close." Besides, if he de-friended her, it could mean he still cares about her in some way.

•His co-workers -- There's no problem with this, unless they hang out more than co-workers normally do.

•His friends' girlfriends -- His friend is in a relationship and so is the girl, so don't fret.

•His friends, who happen to be girls -- Don't over-think this unless there is a reason to.