So far, North Dakota's winter has been relatively mild, That's all about to change January 10th, though, according to our favorite weatherman, Frankie MacDonald.

MacDonald recently posted a video to his YouTube page, which you can see above, warning of the extreme cold headed towards North Dakota this weekend.

Here's the full transcript from MacDonald's video:

Extreme Cold Weather is on its way for North Dakota on Sunday January 10, 2015 and the Temperature will only go up to -21 Degrees Celsius as Daytime High and it will be around -30 Degrees Celsius with the Windchill and the Extreme Cold Weather will also hit Fargo, Bismarck and Grand Forks North Dakota and the Cold Arctic Air will be coming from the Arctic and Northern Canada that will Cause the Cold Air headed for North Dakota on Sunday January 10, 2015 and I Recommend People to keep themselves Warm during the Extreme Cold Weather. People in North Dakota Be Prepared have your Winter Boots, Winter Jackets, Hats, Gloves, Scarfs and Ski Pants Ready. Keep you Pets and Animals Inside and Don't Leave your Children Outside and when you are Going for a walk Don't Walk too Far since it will be too Cold. Have your Furnaces Ready and turn on the Furnaces to Keep the House Warm. Drink Lots of Green Tea, White Tea, Red Tea and Drink Lots of Green Tea to Keep your Warm. Have your Extra Blankets Ready to keep you warm too. If you have anybody living in North Dakota Be Prepared for the Extreme Cold Weather on Sunday January 10, 2016. Take Care and Stay Safe and Don't Get Too Cold Stay Warm and Be Safe.

You can keep up with MacDonald's weather forecasts, via his YouTube channel, HERE.