It's always great when you go to a dive bar and the jukebox is rocking. So while there is a top 20 jukebox songs list somewhere, here is a list of songs that will make it difficult for you to leave that whiskey in front of you.

Here are the criteria

  • Must be some form of rock, blues or country.
  • Must have a toughness to it
  • Must be by an elite songwriter

When you're at a dive bar, you're there for a reason and while you're watching the game or having a conversation, it's good to listen to great songs that have good insight. These songs are not in any type of order.

Here it is.

10. Steve Earle Copperhead Road    From Youtube 

Steve Earle is a legendary songwriter with songs recorded by Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Patty Loveless, Travis Tritt and more.  This is the song that started it all.

9. Warren Zevon Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner  From Youtube 

Chicago songwriter the late Warren Zevon always brought a toughness to his songwriting and this one was no different. Written and sung like he was in an Irish bar in Dublin this song will have you reaching for that whiskey in no time.

8. Neil Young My My hey hey out of  the blue  From Youtube 

The acoustic version of the Crazy horse song really cuts through from this legendary Canadain Songwriter.  The guy is a misanthrope and a former hippie, but his songwriting cannot be denied.  Better Have that uber on speed dial.

7. Johnny Cash, Willy Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings. The Highwayman    From Youtube 

It was great to have this country supergroup come together. All elite songwriters no egos and just great tough music. I'll drink to that!

6. The Doors The Crystal ship   From Youtube 

The Lizard King, massive songwriter and poet. The first line says it all.

5. Bob Dylan Tangled up in Blue    From Youtube 

Duluth Minnesota's Bob Dylan checks in here with the very poetic Tangled up in Blue. A story about life on the road. This song will have you remembering your past, then asking for another shot.

4. The White Stripes  Ball and a Biscuit    From Youtube 

Now we get to the Bluesy part of the list. Detroit songwriter Jack White and the White Stripes rock it out with some serious guitar solos on this record off the Elephant album.  You might just pass out after this one.

3. John Lee Hooker  Boom Boom Boom Boom   From Youtube 

Legendary Blues Songwriter and Guitarist, The Late John Lee Hooker kills it on this song. Very upbeat but the lyrics are tough as hell.

2. Jimi Hendrix  Hey Joe   From Youtube 

The Late Great Jimi Hendrix. Nuff said.

1. Bob Seger, You'll accompany me    From Youtube 

Off the Against The Wind album, this Detroit songwriting legend checks in with this classic.

This list was concocted while playing Jukebox roulette with friends at Lucky's Bar and Grill this past weekend. Hope you enjoyed it!

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