A day of emotions, frustrations, pain, and serenity

We had a rough day today here in Mandan, I'm just going to come out and say the obvious. A hit-and-run accident took the life of an innocent 77-year old man at 7:25 am  ( March 21st, 2022 ). We work in a small community that pretty much takes care of their neighbors, and this was an incident that was beyond our control. Someone chose to leave the scene after running over a family member, a loved one who won't be able to come tonight, whose last few words were hopefully "I love you" as they left their house this early morning. An arrest was made not long after, according to usnews.com "The driver of the pickup involved left the scene and police urged the public to be on the lookout for a white Ford F250 with Montana license plates" Bismarck police spotted the vehicle, gave chase, and arrested a 39-year old man.

The news of the arrest broke, and the suspect's 'rap sheet' is long and awful

A 'rap sheet' of course is a term that describes basically a history of criminal activity, and this man has a long one. This became aware of one certain social media page, on Facebook, Bismarck People Reporting News - the reaction from Bisman was pretty volatile, so many people in rage that this suspect was NOT behind bars, and that his freedom took the life of an innocent man. HOW could our court system, judges, etc let this man roam free? These feelings from most Bismarck/Mandan people were raw and powerful.

On this same page, I came across something that would hopefully cause tensions to subside for a bit

Her name is Kris Kitko, she is a musician. She also saw all the comments of aggression and so she acted on them, in her own way. She shared a 2:24 video of something we can all embrace, the signs of spring and warmer days to come. The slow visual disappearance of winter mixed with her very own composition she wrote and played on her small harp is a masterpiece. Close your eyes and take a listen. Then watch it again and focus on nature and our beautiful Missouri river. Thank you, Kris, your timing was needed and perfect. Ugly things can happen so fast, we experienced that today, but we can also take a couple of minutes to collect our thoughts and prayers for family and friends of the victim to heal and let the pain melt away in time.

Kris Kitko Facebook





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